Contemporary Art


Fàbregas has created a new technique, the Texturificación®

With a very strong artistic vision, he needed to find a new painting technique with which to feel fully identified

He has spent many years studying and researching to get to where it is now, a place where their creations have taken a character and style of working

The way to work in his study is the closest thing to a haute cuisine chef, or a twenty-first century alchemist


What does it consist of?

David Fàbregas has created a new painting technique, the Texturificación®  which was born in the secret of his study

This innovative technique is based on synergies between colors, transparencies and textures, getting to their unique three-dimensional paintings where the colors float magically on the canvas


This creation of new textures and forms are living that appeal to your audience unconsciously, making wake a host of new sensations

Fàbregas only knows his secret, a hidden secret which can only enjoy looking at your wonderful work live.



The texturificación shows us the art from a new perspective. Awake pleasurable feelings when we look at a work that make us partakers of complicity between their textures and an irresistible urge to caress ...

Who acquires a Fàbregas not only acquires an artwork ...
Acquires a Dream  of Artist


David Fàbregas

Detail of Texturificación®