Contemporary Art

Barcelona 1967

At the early stage of childhood, had the keen interest on producing visualized arts thru commonly used things in the form of spontaneous collaboration of perception and creativity, that of which the proud mother once said “ this is the time you are yourself in sense of solemnity”

At twenteen, boost the passion on the craft and entered as a potent draftsmanship course in L’Escola del Treball while making a living on design and architecture on the roof of Estudi Laforja under the guiding hands of Manuel Lopez-Nuño and Tom Ivars i Companys. At the age of twenty, dealt the hands of this fine man inside a world-renowned multinational company that renders importance on creativity and distinctive minds. The wide array of projects, collaboration with colleagues and unity of perceptions, help him build the confidence and burst out the hidden potential in him as he applies to his own solemn life. The everyday pace of his journey at work, surrounded by renderings, plans and designs, models, prototypes and elusive materials made his mind collage different ideas to come out and express the urgency of his discovered golden hands and propel a once childhood dream into envious reality

David Fàbregas

David Fàbregas

David Fàbregas is able to convey all his energy into his creations. His works, together, we show the synergies of textures and colors that are the source of the sensitivity of this artist from Barcelona. His new technique and its composition is shown in each work together to achieve individual and awakening a burst of new sensations in the viewer 

David Fàbregas as self-taught painter who is, after years of intensive research and the necessity of seeking a new painting technique with which to feel fully identified set TEXTURIFICACIÓN® A new painting technique based on the synergy of color pigments, transparency and texture, giving it a three-dimensional picture where the colors magically float in a watery medium in all his works.

Thus we can say that David Fabregas in the twentieth century has created a new painting technique, the TEXTURIFICACIÓN®

Ricard Sisquella i Bayes



The world visual and sensory stimuli are constant in my development.

The Texturificación® is personal painting technique that I created. I have always wanted to innovate and transmitting new visual sensations in which rephrase traditional pictorial genres. I convey her feelings and I feel fully identified. Textures, pigments and transparencies give my paintings a special three-dimensional look where the colors magically flow and where the temptation to touch them arises when no one sees you.

When I work, in my mind everything flows with determination and enthusiasm, conveying pure creativity and arousing intense feelings in public. The fascinating thing in my work is that never finish to understand them because behind each of them a metaphoric and conceptual discourse that is what really gives meaning and value to my life accumulates.



"David Fàbregas"


2015 Copula "Los Angeles del Edén" Showroom gastronomic store,  Enrique Tomas, C/ Pelayo 18, Barcelona 

2014 Artworks exhibition "Barcelona Experience"  Teatro Principal, Barcelona

2013  "Cuadros Organicos" Showroom gastronomic store,  Enrique Tomas, C/ Pelayo 18, Barcelona

2012 Artworks exhibition "Esencia de Mujer" Club Dime, Barcelona

2011 Artworks exhibition Casa Alfonso, Barcelona

2011 Artworks exhibition Casa Decor, Barcelona

2011 Artworks exhibition Members Only Ornina, Barcelona

2011 Artworks exhibition Tell It, Barcelona

2011 Artworks exhibition el Rt clandestino Chi-Ton, Barcelona

2011 Artworks exhibition Galeria Vidrart, Ciutadella Menorca

2010 Life Style Village en Club Nautic Salou, Tarragona

2010 Artworks exhibition Marb Art, Marbella

2009 Artworks exhibition Club Nautic Salou, Tarragona

2009 Artworks exhibition gallery 333 Mahón, Menorca

2009 Artworks exhibition Gallery Art Nou Mil.lenni, Barcelona

2008 Artworks exhibition Faim, Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones de Madrid